Services Provided:

4WoRK Project Management

4WoRK have a long-standing relationship with Xero, and provided workplace strategy, interior design, project management, cost management and building services engineering.


Xero is an innovative accounting software company: fresh, dynamic, and growing fast.  Their tagline for everything they do is “do beautiful”.  Xero has asked 4WoRK to create an office environment that could adapt to their rapid change, bring together multiple existing office sites, and above all, “be beautiful” in every way.


The project involved the development of a new workstyle strategy, with staff transitioning from having “owned” desks, to a fully agile / activity-based working workplace strategy.  Multiple work settings were considered and trialled as part of this process.  The result has been that the 500 Xero staff have a great variety of work-setting types to select from, and freedom to move throughout the office environment.


Xero has a strong brand aesthetic that they wanted to be incorporated into the design.  This was incorporated in many ways, including a custom-designed carpet and an extensive graphics package applied to walls and glazing.  Xero had also traditionally leased vintage loft/warehouse character spaces, and they wanted to maintain some of that aesthetic whilst having all the benefits of being in modern office buildings; good lighting, air conditioning, acoustics, earthquake resilience and the like.


Themes of timber mills and brickworks were incorporated into the interior fitout of the Xero office which reflected the history of the original occupiers of the building’s neighbourhood.