Stride Property – Head Office

Services Provided:

4WoRK Project Management

4WoRK Interior Design

4WoRK Construction Mgm

Following on from the successful delivery of a landlord fitout on L8, 34 Shortland Street for NZ Real Estate Investment Management specialists Stride, 4WoRK’s Project Management and Design team collaborated with Stride to transform their own existing Auckland workplace on L12.


This was a refurbishment project that was a pleasure to be involved with from the outset, as we sought to redesign their 720sqm floor to create a warm, inviting, and sophisticated working environment for both staff and visitors alike.


Our Designers worked closely with the Stride team to ensure that a human connection was at the heart of the operation with the central staff hub/breakout receiving a complete redesign. As well as creating a much larger kitchen to accommodate staff comfortably, a variety of seating configurations were created ensuring easy collaboration across the floor, alongside quieter areas for downtime when needed.


With a brief to improve on the previous client-facing and staff areas, 4WoRK Designers introduced timber effect finishes throughout to create the required warmth as well as feature Autex panels in the meeting rooms to improve acoustics and provide additional visual interest. Curtains in the reception and boardroom were added – softening the space – whilst black acoustic ceiling tiles in the reception and staff hub enhanced the feel of a different environment to the general workspaces.


Sharing Stride’s aspirations to “reuse wherever possible”, the existing open plan furniture was reconfigured to create a refreshed and contemporary look – grouping desks of the same style together and replacing the mixture of desk screen styles with new matching acoustic screens throughout at minimal cost. Small meeting tables were also added to the workspace to allow for easy collaboration and the introduction of beautiful planting adds a layer of colour, texture and wellness that is a pre-requisite in modern-day working environments.


The final result is a modern-day workplace, in an exciting city centre location, that seeks to put the needs of all who occupy it first.