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After the Christchurch earthquake, Sovereign was accommodated in a temporary retail shop in Riccarton. A perfect opportunity came to be located in one of the new buildings located on the Terrace facing the Avon River. The new character building provided a west facing deck, high raking ceiling and beautifully crafted 3 story timber building.


The building provided the perfect inspiration along with Sovereign’s new branding and company ethos. A warm, friendly and approachable aesthetic was provided to welcome clients and visitors to the new office space. An iconic ‘Love‘ rug by kiwi Kevin Roberts provided a perfect welcome.


Throughout the space the finishes created a passage which lead you though to a central kitchen area which was a destination for both Staff and guests.


4WoRK provided a boutique workplace which exuded the Sovereign brand, using branding patterns in various mediums (steel, film, timber) alongside the elements of the exterior bringing the timber and black details; this created a seamless transition between the interior and exterior spaces, which has been openly appreciated by all the staff located in their Christchurch office.