Education Review Office

Services Provided:

4WoRK Design

4WoRK Project Mgmt


Telco Premises Strategy

Telco Lease Negotiation

Agile Engineering

4WoRK were engaged to transform the Education Review offices all over New Zealand.


The new workplace model desired by ERO was a dramatic change to what was a very traditional office setup and culture. With an experienced workforce which was very passionate about the work and with a conservative view on their existing environment 4WoRK transformed the internal perceptions of what a modern day office could be.


ERO are a strong family motivated team, who are highly collaborative and intensely focused. The new open plan workplaces provided for a drastic shift in their approach to ways of working and culture engagement. This transition has been embraced by the staff, and developed and re-energized a family which optimizes every space they have been provided.


4WoRK provided a centrally focused staff hub which facilitated the large group events, pohwiri’s, external education seminars and shared lunches. Located adjacent to meeting / training rooms this provides for the social needs of the business at all scales.


The focused library workspaces provide a place of calm which enable research and review with all the required literature easily available. All spaces were highly considered in the planning to ensure the daily activities could be performed without compromise.


ERO have created a home for their staff and a place of pride.