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TOA Architects

ATEED embraced their opportunity to move by creating a project which enabled an internal investigation into who they were, who their customers were and what they wanted to represent. They harnessed their company values and positioned them as the project drivers to bring a perfect synergy between cultural, sustainable, inclusivity, this assisted them to look at a new way of working and provided a platform to take staff on a journey to their new workspace.


TOA architects teamed up with 4WoRK to define a cultural narrative to the front of house space which created a sense of pride, a real sense of identity for visitors and staff when arriving at the new office. This language was taken through the space with all elements linking back to the story of the Ngā hau e wha o Tamaki “Embrace the vitality from the four winds of Auckland” – a narrative which all staff could relate to and tell in their own way to all visitors and international partners.


This new home where people are at the heart, can accommodate any partner, investor, internal/external staff and visitors in the most welcoming seamless way. A variety of spaces, furniture and rooms create a workplace of choice for all occupants. By limiting the built environment against the core this provided a generous open plan area which is broken up with selected furniture elements, storage, planting and lighting all which can be reconfigured as the clients needs shift and change.


The result is a cultural blend of textures, colours, and materials that provide a uniqueness to an organisation which has clear, values and a philosophy to make Auckland the greatest city in the world to live in.