What our Interior Designers do!


4WoRK are continually investigating world trends, industry studies and technology advances to apply to every unique project. 4WoRK ensures the client is supported through a strategic journey which enables leadership teams to move their staff into a fully immersive employee experience.


  • Research
  • Leadership Vision (Brand and Culture)
  • Workplace Strategy (Flexible vs Traditional Working)

A partnership is formed between 4WoRK and the client to navigate the leadership team, functional leads (IT, HR, specialist areas) and staff through the research and concept phases.


We provide tools to enable understanding of a company’s current state, while challenging what is known and not yet discovered.


New strategies can be very bespoke depending on the client’s goals and willingness to be challenged.


We strive to educate our clients on world class thinking and strategy, to create desired outcomes unique to each business.


  • User Research (Site observations)
  • Functional Brief (Document requirements and space analysis)
  • Concept Planning (Integration of technology with the workplace strategy & leadership vision)
  • Look and Feel (Aesthetic development and material selection)

The workplace strategy and functional briefing are incorporated into the design process to deliver generous, expressive, well grounded, connected spaces that reflect client organisation’s culture & brand identity.


Simplicity and flexibility are central to the 4WoRK approach throughout the design phase which includes:

  • Developed Design
  • 3D’s, Artist impressions
  • Finishes and Furniture Selections
  • Detailed Design
  • Tender/Consent and Construction Package

4WoRK provide insightful and thoughtful design within the following sectors:

  • Retail Rollouts
  • Workplace Strategy
  • Hospitality (including Bars/Hotels/Cafes)
  • Industrial
  • Transport
  • Utilities / Infrastructure